Episode 44

Published on:

17th Nov 2022

Matt Morgan and the Creeping Horror of Frozen Baked Potatoes

Welcome to the Stupid Hearts Club! The Club for everyone with a Stupid Heart


Hello darlings-

After a bit of diary-glitching Matt and I managed to record a second part to the chat we had on his lovely podcast last week. Thank you for waiting. I am going to hit you with the next episode earlier than usual and try and catch up a bit. Hopefully talking to Miles Chapman tomorrow eve.

Anyway this is a lovely chat and we both laughed a lot as we meandered through cute territory like our kids lyrics, the horror of frozen baked potatoes and a brush with Matt's terrifying sounding neighbour.

The BIG news however is that there is a substantial CHILDS GAAAME update at the end- Hang in there kids.

WIll put the photos of some of the Facebook blandness tmro when I get the chance.

BTW - Apologies for any echoey bits/glitches. I tried REALLY hard to sort them out. Also, I am aware I need a new pop-shield solution as my plosive habit has not really got any better. Will review my mic situation asap-

Thank you, love you'se




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About the Podcast

Stupid Hearts Club
Everyone with a stupid heart is welcome here!
I'm Nico. Welcome to the Stupid Hearts Club Podcast. Allow me tell you a little about the show....

In Summer 2021 after having such lovely feedback from Matt Morgans gorgeous Patrons I decided to start my very own podcast. It started out exclusively here on Patreon, but now it's out in the wild for everyone to hear! I initially called it GSOH and I (usually) delivered one podcast per week. It has become a really cool thing in my life and my community of patrons are legends who give lots of me ace feedback and love. And it helps me support my creative endeavours during the peaks and troughs of the TV comedy world, (script writing is my main 'job').

Since then I have doing lots of music with the name Stupid Hearts Club, and as I am going to be out and about trying to pull people into enjoying all of 'my stuff' I thought I would re-brand (puke) my podcast as Stupid Hearts Club too in the hope of pulling in the odd new listener. Is that YOU? If so Hello, come in, sit down.

You might be wondering what having a 'Stupid Heart' is. Well it can mean many things. It might mean you have a silly sense of humour, and like titting about and being naughty. (which is what this show is) It might mean that you are a hopeless romantic fool despite all the terrible evidence that love is a cruel joke that pokes you in your stupid heart (which is what all my songs are). Either way everyone with a stupid heart is welcome here.

The podcast itself will still be me having a laugh with another person I have met along the way, whether they are funny, interesting, daft, or just plain adorable. But I won't just chat to comedy people anymore. And I will *usually* put a little Stupid Hearts Club tune or cover at the end of the episode.

I'll shut up now. But whatever you are here for, thanks for coming along!

Stupid Hearts Club Forever Baby!
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